Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do, I am seeing the following error: Failed to load module 'pyrite': version 'GCC-4.2.0' not found (required by /usr/lib/
The problem is being caused by a mismatch between the shared libraries distributed with Simics and those distributed with the compiler installed on your system. As a workaround remove the shared library distributed with Simics (replacing <SimicsInstallDir> with the full path to your Simics 3.0.x installation):

rm <SimicsInstallDir>/x86-linux/sys/lib/

How do I enable multiprocessor simulation?
First, make sure that you are using a multiprocessor Simics image. Configure FeS2 (with the NumProcessors attribute of a pyrite Simics object) to simulate the same number of processors as used in the Simics image. See Simics documentation for descriptions of Simics classes and attributes.

Second, use the Ruby memory model to enable multiprocessor simulation. To do this set the Ruby attribute of a pyrite object to 1.

Whenever I use FeS2, Simics repeatedly prints Caught time breakpoint to the screen. What am I doing wrong?
Make sure you are using the -quiet option when running Simics.